Top server builder blacklisted in USA

The U.S. government has added a couple of Chinese companies to its already extensive blacklist for allegedly “supporting China’s military modernization.” Inspur Group Co Ltd and Loongson Technology became the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth entities added to the China section of the list earlier this month. While the list does not explicitly detail how these entities […]

DokeV: trailer, news and what we know so far

Doke V is a third-person minion battle game from South Korean studio Pearl Abyss. Coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC Doke V Looks like to take Pokemon Scarlet and Violet formula and turn it upside down as you battle monsters in real time. While the game still has the mechanics of collecting creatures, […]

Remember Honda’s hydrogen car? Its fuel cells could soon power data centers

Honda uses hydrogen fuel cells that were once used in the discontinued Clarity – the only hydrogen-powered car in the US – and now uses them as backup power for its own data centers in Los Angeles. The automotive giant said TechCrunch (opens in a new tab) that it’s just a “proof of concept” for […]

Google Meet calls now remove background noise, even when you’re calling from your phone

Google Meet conversations will soon become calmer for phone users thanks to the extension of the noise reduction features of video conferencing software. as part overview of Google Workspace updates (opens in a new tab)company’s suite of productivity tools, those who join meetings over the phone can now enjoy the same background noise cancellation as […]

Dragon Age 4: trailers, news, and everything we know so far

Age of the Dragon 4 is a story-driven single-player role-playing game from veteran developer BioWare. Revealed back in 2018, fans had to live off snippets of the trailer as they prepared for the final release of the title. At least we know the title of the game: Dragon Age: Direwolf. The Dragon Age saga tells […]

A ransomware gang exposes data stolen from the city of Oakland

Data stolen from the city of Oakland using ransomware (opens in a new tab) last month’s attack has started making its way to the dark web, reports say. BleepingComptuer reported that cybercriminal group Play Ransomware updated its website with data stolen from the city during a ransomware attack in mid-February. For now, the group has […]

Workstation sales surged in 2022 – but the news may not be good

According to new data from analysts, sales of workstations saw a significant increase in 2022, to the point where demand exceeded supply. Despite several reports pointing to a decline in PC shipments in 2022, IDC (opens in a new tab) the data shows that workstations saw a significant increase compared to 2021, suggesting that the […]

It seems that Microsoft has already removed the Bing ChatGPT taskbar from Windows 11

It seems that Microsoft is heavily overrated AI-enabled Bing the button on the taskbar of the Windows operating system is already gone, according to several user reports. As reported by MSPowerUser, Windows 10 and 11 users found that the button is no longer on their taskbar and has been replaced again by the previous Bing-free […]

The recent Twitter crash proves that Elon Musk is still doing it wrong

Twitter thrives on sharing, not only on the social media platform, but also on partner links all over the internet. With the exception of Monday, most of these links have stopped working. For about an hour, anyone who tried to share recently published articles on Twitter ran into an error message intended explicitly for developers: […]

TECNO’s flagship MEGABOOK S1 2023 checks all the right boxes for everyday use

MWC 2023 has just wrapped up in Barcelona, ​​where thousands of tech companies have gathered to showcase the latest advances in mobile devices over four days. Among these participants is TECNO, a technology company aiming to combine “technological value” with “aesthetic value”. In 2014, TECNO released the CAMON camera phone series, the success of which […]